Sensors in the Automotive Industry

Today's vehicles represent a pinnacle of mankind's technological achievement.

An average car is continuously monitoring more than 50 sensors on the standard on board diagnostic (DB2) interface. The relentless pursuit of increased safety, improved reliability, better energy efficiency, reduced environmental impact and lower cost of ownership being the key drivers.

Semefab supplies into tier 2 and tier 3 suppliers to the Automotive sector. Semefab manufactured pressure sensors control fuel emissions when vehicles travel from sea level into the mountains. Semefab manufactured gas sensors ensure only healthy air can permeate the passenger compartment when following a polluting vehicle.

Semefab ASICs control speed dependent windscreen wiper rates and window lift controls. Semefab's electrochromic rear view mirror dimming chip can make night time driving less stressful. Semefab manufactured strain gauges inform air bag deployment and ensure seat belts get fastened securely.

When it comes to vehicle safety & performance, you can rely upon Semefab.