About Us

Semefab operates 3 wafer fabs on its Glenrothes sites supporting 6" and 4" wafer flows.

Our operation supports a very diverse process portfolio, having a broad technology base.

  • MEMS
  • Membrane MEMS Structures
  • DRIE MEMS Structures
  • Cantilever MEMS Structures
  • MEMS Bonded Structures
  • MEMS & CMOS Integration
  • Si Gate CMOS
  • Metal Gate CMOS
  • Opto-CMOS
  • PMOS
  • Linear & Epitaxial Bipolar
  • Mixed Signal ASIC
  • Opto ASIC
  • Power CMOS
  • Power Bipolar
  • Discretes:
  • Lateral FET
  • Low Noise N Channel JFET
  • P Channel MOSFET
  • PiN Photo Diode
  • Fast Recovery Diode

Our teams are experts at inducting existing process flows and the subsequent optimisation within the Semefab equipment set. We are equally capable of full process development.

Semefab is a very capable specialist volume foundry, and in addition to our volume business model, we support both a development model and a technology commercialisation model.

Semefab supports development across the full technology cycle and collaborates with its customers to deliver the optimum outcomes.

Semefab supports a broad sensor portfolio and has further strategic interests in energy harvesting and medical MEMS technologies.