Semefab on war footing against coronavirus

"…In the global effort against the COVID-19 pandemic we’re ready to supply any company in the United Kingdom and indeed around the world that is manufacturing vital equipment or devices. We’re currently working to supply in excess of 10 million non-contact temperature measuring chips in addition to ultra low pressure sensors for respirators and anaesthesia kits, photo detectors for X-ray and haemoglobin monitoring and precision analog IC’s for MRI/CT scanners and other medical instrumentation. This has to be a global team effort by all of us in all countries. We can all contribute to that effort - each as we are able. All of us at Semefab are proud to be part of that global team effort to save lives … we’ve moved to 24/7 working to meet the demand…"

Allan James, Managing Director

…"This is an instance of leading by example. As an advocate, may I take this opportunity to encourage all to do ‘whatever it takes’ within your spheres of influence in these global human challenging times to help save lives. In the current scenario anything that is within our individual and collective abilities to influence that has an outcome of saving lives must be a ‘can do’."…

D. Gerald Forrest, International Strategic Alliances Specialist

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Semefab operates 3 wafer fabs on a single site in Glenrothes, UK, across a broad technology base of MEMS sensors and CMOS & Linear IC's, Discrete semiconductor devices. Close liaison with our highly experienced process engineering team ensures a successful outcome to process development/set-up and process optimization leads to high yield, cost-effective manufacture.


Semefab produces a broad range of semiconductor devices on a foundry basis, including MEMS sensors, discrete semiconductors and mixed signal and analogue IC's of medium-scale integration. Examples being, pressure sensor, gas sensor, thermopile sensor, biosensor, PIN diode, JFET, op-amps, precision analogue IC's, photopic light sensor and ASIC's.