MEMS Foundry

MEMS is the largest growth area for Semefab as the use of sensors becomes increasingly commonplace in all walks of life. From vehicles to general security, sportswear to health monitoring, white goods and consumer products to energy-efficient homes and workplaces, there are no areas of our lives that are untouched by MEMS technology.

The emerging Internet of Things (IoT) that relies on MEMS sensors is set to transform everyday tasks, making our lives easier and safer with the smartphone as the centerpiece for communication and control.

Today Semefab produces a broad range of MEMS sensor devices as a foundry service to many OEM's globally: 

Pressure Sensors from 10 millibar to 100's of bar. Customer specific Wheatstone Bridge technologies on thin membrane.

Gas Flow Sensors. Customer specific technologies based upon mass flow principle with micro-heater and temperature sensor on thin membrane.

Gas Concentration Sensor. Customer specific technologies based on electrical resistance change of gas-specific materials.

Strain Gauge. Customer specific technologies utilizing Piezoelectric effect of proprietary materials.

Liquid Viscosity Sensor. Customer specific technology using a Piezo material to detect a change in viscosity. Utilizing resistance to movement of a micro-actuated lever.

Blood Analysis Sensor. Customer specific technology utilizing functionalized analyte-specific chemistry to modify active semiconductor device performance.

Micro Hot Plate. Proprietary technology to create broadband Infra-Red (IR) source suitable for gas spectrometry