Sensors in the Medical Industry

The potential for MEMs based sensors to revolutionize the Health Tech and Well-Being market sectors has long been recognized and is rapidly gaining pace.

Of-course regulatory compliance in this sector is of paramount importance but does represent a degree of inertia to be overcome before new ideas can be implemented.

Semefab ASICs are used in heart pacemakers and our precision analog foundry ICs in MRI and CT scanners. Semefab foundry thermopile sensor chips are in wide spread use in non-contact ear thermometers. Semefab's photodiode manufacturing capabilities are exploited in urine analysis equipment where coloration of chemical strips are measured.

Most recently, production of blood viscosity sensors has started for personal INR monitoring systems for people at risk of stroke or heart problems.

Lab on a chip for blood analysis and nano wires with electro-polymerised, antigen selective coatings are current areas of R&D interest together with our commercial partners in industry and academia.

Semefab is helping to keep people healthy and live longer.